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Lakes in Dubai

Well, I don’t know how much you know about the lakes in Dubai, but most people tend to know very little. When it comes to water bodies, Dubai is better known for its beaches. Lakes hardly come to mind. However, there are some amazing spectacles that you might miss out on if you don’t have the right information.

From the very little heard of Warsan Lake to the famous Love Lake, we review the best lakes in Dubai in our article. The rare spectacle of a crystal water body in the middle of a desert can be soothing to almost anyone. Hence, we think it is both our duty and pleasure to acquaint our readers with the same.

From their highlights to the best time to visit these lakes, we cover it all. Let’s take a look-

Warsan Lake

Warsan Lake - lakes in dubai

Warsan Lake is among the most beautiful lakes in Dubai the International city of Dubai. However, do note that it is an artificial lake in Dubai. It gets water through the city’s underground water system. While for some people it is not the perfect entertainment area, most tourists find it to be the perfect getaway.

If you want to spend some quality time with your friends and family, away from the bustling city, then this lake will be a treat. It is home to over 180 species of fish and birds. Also, if you time it right, you might catch some beautiful flamingos lounging by the lake. It is very close to The International City. Thus, making it easy for you to incorporate multiple locations in your plan for the day.

The most unique part of this lake is the landscape that surrounds it. It is no hidden secret that the most famous lakes in Dubai are manmade. This lake might be artificial, but it is more of an accidental creation, never intended to attract tourists. Hence, the landscape that you see around yourself is the real Dubai. Quite Brazen, brown, with bristly plant life.

Expo lake 

Expo lake 

A beautiful, unbelievably stunning oasis with green-blue waters, right in the middle of the Dubai desert. Expo lake has been a legendary part of Dubai for quite a while. Its scenic beauty is incomparable and it has become a famous artificial lake in Dubai. Although it invites many tourists throughout the day, couples love this beautiful water body for its photogenic quality.

If you wish to get some memorable pictures with your better half, then this lake becomes an instant must-visit. However, other lakes in Dubai will guarantee more privacy. Despite this, if you will only google this beautiful place, you will be compelled to visit it.

We will talk about the love lake ahead. From the first view, it might seem like these two lakes are quite similar. However, the case is hardly so. The Expo lake is adorned with greenery and low bushes. It is surrounded by white sand and not brown. Altogether, the landscape takes a very different element here.

Burj Khalifa Lake

Burj Khalifa Lake - lakes in dubai

Burj Khalifa Fountain is easily among the best lakes in Dubai. The fact that this majestic and gigantic fountain is sizeable enough to be a lake, speaks for itself. Perhaps the best part about this lake is that it features a beautiful fountain, music, and light shows.

We recommend that you visit this location in the nighttime to capture it in all its glory. However, even if you were to visit during the daytime, you will behold a spectacle of a lifetime. Notably, it has the highest fountain showers in the world. The Dubai Fountain Lake ride is also a very attractive activity- both for locals and tourists. The fountain show operates between 5:45 pm – 11:30 pm.

There are bright lights all around you, and the Burj Khalifa lights up to show you how grandiose it can be. If you are in Dubai, this is something you cannot miss out on. The Dubai Mall is right on the other end of this lake. Hence, you can spend some time browsing and shopping before you watch the show or vice-versa.

Love Lake

Love Lake

This entry is perhaps the best of all love lakes in Dubai. Let’s be honest- Dubai has a way of making artificial creations look like nature’s personal art projects. Things are similar when you visit love lake in Dubai. There is thick sand, being swept by the wind all around you, and right in the middle, two beautiful water hearts intersect with each other.

There are pavements all around, and if you can catch a helicopter view, you will as though you are looking at a little love locket the desert decided to wear. Not only this, there is desert wood with love labels that capture an aesthetic that you might never be able to find anywhere else. In the end, you do feel like you are right in the middle of your romance drama.

The spot is very famous among couples because it offers comparatively more privacy. Though tourists come here, they soon move on to the next highlight in the desert. Hence, couples can wind down and enjoy Dubai for a bit on their own.

Al Qudra Lake

Al Qudra Lake - lakes in dubai

Let us add first that love lake is a part of Al Qudra Lake in Dubai. Al Qudra lakes refer to a scattered oasis in the Al Marmoom Desert. This is among the most famous eco-tourism destinations in the city. Moreover, there are numerous desert activities to indulge in ranging from leisure to sports.

Hence, we recommend that you set aside an entire day to get the best out of this place! These also form a part of the manmade lakes of Dubai. Surprisingly, the sprawling lakes are big enough to host islands where numerous avian species nest. Also, the area is very well looked after.

The place is among the favorite places to visit for bird-watchers too. You will find exotic swans, ducks, and lapwings if you time it right. Also, you will get to see some beautiful flamingos here at the oasis. But don’t forget to pack your food since there are no food stalls or restaurants in this region.

Hatta Lake 

Hatta Lake 

Hatta lake is a natural spectacle that you cannot afford to miss once you are in Dubai. Among all the lakes that we have mentioned here, this is the only natural one, collecting water through the Hatta Dam. Doubtlessly breathtaking, the Hajar mountains surround the Hatta lake. Above all, we recommend that you google this place.

The beautiful blue-green waters and the rough pulsing Hajar mountains will capture your heart. Moreover, there are many activities to look forward to out here. For instance, there is kayaking, donut boats, amazing treks in the mountains, and much more. There is a high chance, that Hatta Lake will become the highlight of your trip.

Also, there are beautiful lodges around. Hatta is an exclave of the emirate and borders Oman. Furthermore, for thrill seekers, there is camping, mountain biking, carting, zorbing, and human slingshots. In a word, it’s an adventure of a lifetime.

Crescent Moon Lake

Crescent Moon Lake - lakes in dubai

This lake is only one-year-old. In 2021, during Ramadan, a beautiful crescent oasis appeared in the Al Qudra region. Hence, there is a great spiritual significance to this lake. If you are someone who finds miracles in the little joys of life, then you should visit this lake. Either way, once you are in Al Qudra, you will probably visit all the oasis present there. Also, you can find beautiful onyxes lounging around this lake.

There are beautiful dunes all around. Also, Dubai’s administration has given some modifications to the place to ensure its longevity. Likely, there will not be much crowd here for a long time. Hence, if you are a poetic soul who wishes to sit and reminisce about life for a bit- this is that spot for you.

Plant Lake

Plant Lake - lakes in dubai

This is another very new discovery in Dubai. In 2021, quite a several natural creations appeared in Dubai. We cover another one below. This natural formation has beautiful textures and shades of green you can only imagine.

This lake is at the eastern edge of Al Jubail Island, quite close to Zeera island- so you can visit two places at the same time. It branches out like a fantastical tree, that you can only find in fiction. It does have chlorophyll green due to algal bloom. Hence, for naturalists, there is no better sight to visit.

Pink Lake– Ras Al Khaimah

Pink Lake - lakes in dubai

This is another discovery from 2021 in UAE. The lake is in Ras Al Khaimah, and yes, it is pink in color. However, the best part about visiting this lake is that you can visit the beaches of other cities in the UAE. The natural algae in the region are the cause of the discoloration of the water. To some, this might seem like an aberration, but to beauty enthusiasts, this is an absolute miracle. After all, where else can you find a pink lake?


If you are confused about which lakes to visit among the ones mentioned above, it is not your fault. All of them are equally stunning and promising. Moreover, if you are a tourist, you might be feeling the pressure of getting the cream of Dubai in a limited time.

However, we think you should take some time and chalk out a special section in your itinerary for one of the lakes above. Oasis in themselves is among the most wondrous creations of our planet. Although the ones we mention are artificial, this only makes them more stunning. If you feel that something has been left out, then do reach out to us!

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