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The Desert Safari

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The Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Like everyone else, you must reward yourself for all your hard work. Take the ride on the desert safari in the golden Arabian Desert. Experiencing this adventure is like surfing in the golden sands on a sandboard in the Arabian Desert. Drive inside the 4×4 ride to experience the thrilling Dune Bashing adventure. Experience the compelling Quad Bike Ride in the beautiful warm, golden sand dunes as you go sandboarding in the Arabian Desert. Witness the raw beauty of the city of Dubai!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the safari?
The features of your safari depending on the package that you have selected. There are many tour operators in Dubai. You should select the ones that have the best ratings. Moreover, you can visit their website to check the best packages depending on your needs and wants. Further, many companies allow you to request specific activities. You can talk with them to curate special packages that will cover all of the activities that you want. Therefore, you should scour the internet and find companies that provide you with the exact Dubai desert safari which you want.
What is Dune Bashing?
Dune bashing is one of the most fun parts of the entire morning safari in Dubai. They take you over the rugged dunes at very high speeds. This entire process is called dune bashing. Moreover, you will have a lot of fun while doing this activity. This is ideal for anyone who wants an adrenaline rush. Further, you can even ask your driver to go over some additional dunes if you're feeling up for the challenge. Above all, the divers are experienced and they will ensure that you have a great time in the desert while doing a safari tour Dubai.
How much does a morning safari cost?
The price of the morning safari Dubai depends on the packages you choose and the company you go with. Many companies offer amazing prices for Dubai desert safari. However, the average price of a safari is 150 AED. this includes the entire experience done on a sharing basis. You can even book private tours which cost around 900 AED for the entire group. Further, many of these companies provide discounts on their website. Therefore, you should check them to avail any offers and reduce your cost. The desert safari Dubai price varies and you should try to find the best deals.
What is the age limit for the safari?
Generally, there is no age limit for Safari. However, it is advised that newborn children and pregnant women avoid the safari. If you have young kids on the safari, you can ask the tour operator to keep the dune bashing at a minimum. Moreover, many of the activities during the safari might be age-restricted. A child will require an adult to accompany them during quad biking and other such activities. If you are willing to avoid the activities, you can bring young kids on your trip as well. You can get them to do everything except for the extreme adrenaline activities.
Is the safari dangerous?
The morning desert safari Dubai and the camel ride are very safe. The companies follow all of the safety norms and procedures. They ensure all customers are safe at all times. Moreover, they will give you all the instructions needed to stay safe during the entire experience. Further, these companies take safety very seriously. Therefore, they ensure that everyone has a fun time while prioritizing their safety.
Taking a morning desert safari is one of the best things you can do in Dubai. They give you an entire package. From picking you up to food to entertainment, the company takes care of all of that. If you want to have a nice time in the deserts of Dubai, a safari is the best way to do it.